Sunday School

The ChildrenThe Rock Church has a strong Sunday School Program, headed up by Dave and Heather Perry!

We have a nice, big & adorable nursery set up for our littlest ones that is well stocked with toys, games and a private nursing room. Our Chaplain, Anna, oversees the nursery with love and devotion. Every week she comes in and thoroughly cleans and disinfects the entire room to keep away the threat of illness. She also keeps it well stocked with all the necessary items and is big on keeping it well decorated!

Our Primary Class is for 3 to 6 year olds, and is efficiently taken care of by our church administrator, Connie. It’s is a large room with lots of toys and activities. The kids are blessed every week with great, age appropriate lessons that keep them engaged and active! They also have some time to play and a healthy snack. Our teachers are well trained and follow strict procedures and protocols. They also have the most important thing, a Godly love for the kids!

Our Middle School Class is for kids 7 to 12 years old and is run by Heather, who is also the Sunday School Leader. She carefully and prayfully chooses the curriculums for both this class and the Teen class. After looking at many different samples of Sunday school materials for each class, she chooses what she feels the Holy Spirit is leading her to get. The goal being what curriculums will challenge the kids to grow in their knowledge of God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) and more importantly create a desire for an intimate relationship with Him.

Our Teen Class is guided by Dave, who is also a Sunday School Leader. Knowing what our teenagers face in these very turbulent times we live in, the class teachers here stress the importance of a relationship with the Holy Spirit! Our goal is to build a strong support system with like-minded kids so they can help hold each other up and keep each other strong. The study books picked out for them are not only designed to help them stay close to God, but also how to be evangelistic, and bring their unsaved friends to a loving relationship with Jesus, too.

Our Purpose:

To Bring People Into A Loving Relationship With Jesus Christ And His Church, Teaching Them To Be Fully Mature Disciples Who Share The Gospel With All People So That God Is Glorified.

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