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Calvin Ferguson

Calvin Ferguson

He has been a Father in the Faith since December 19, 2010 and a member since 1983.

Known as The Rock Church's Father of Faith, I currently live in Mullica Hill, NJ with my wife Rochelle and our children, Leeia Camille and Christopher Calvin. Over the years, I've worked throughout the public school system as a Teacher, Coach, Vice Principal, Principal and C.S.A. (Chief School Administrator) . I'm currently the Program Coordinator of Transition to College at College at Camden County College.

I grew up in a home headed by a Christian grandmother but did not become saved until I was a pre-teen. On Sunday mornings, the ritual was for my grandmother to go off to church, my dad to lay in bed and for me to go outside to play in the streets. One Sunday morning while playing football, a young Christian father, Paul Jones, approached my friends and I, asked if we wanted to do something very exciting—something more fun than playing football. We were skeptical but followed him down the street to a local AME Church. Inside, we found a lot of our friends singing and laughing and appearing to be having a good time. This was nothing like what I thought church was about and was different from my Sunday routine.

After attending several Sunday services and Sunday School at this church, I thought that I would go with my grandmother to her church, the North Baptist Church, in Woodbury. The Pastor there was animated and full of the Holy Spirit. The Sunday school was just as interesting and fun as the AME Sunday School on my street. My grandmother continued to speak to me about the grace and mercy of God and at twelve years of age, shortly before my thirteen birthday, I gave my Life to the Lord.

On one sun lit March Sunday morning, with snow on the ground, The Reverend Herman Douglass, pastor of the North Baptist Church, baptized me. I can clearly recall going under the water, fully clothed, feeling like I was being sucked under by the sheer weight of my cloths only to raised up out of the water feeling light as a feather. I haven’t looked back since. Later as an adult, I joined the Rock Church in 1979 and was involved in several different programs. I became a missionary to Cuba, Sunday school teacher, Restoration teacher and a part of the Christian Alliance. My hobbies are traveling and photography


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