Leadership is the philosophy, personality, and experience to be a leader.
A leader provides direction, implementation of plans, and motivating people.


Wherever the work of God has gone forward, it has always had a leader at the helm. It has been a singular person called by God to lead people to accomplish his objectives. Leadership can be hard to define and it means different things to different people. In the transformational leadership model, leaders set direction and help themselves and others to do the right thing to move forward. To do this they create an inspiring vision, and then motivate and inspire others to reach that vision.

God called a man to begin a nation (Abraham), to preserve that nation (Joseph), to lead that nation out of slavery (Moses), and to lead them in conquering the land (Joshua). He used individual men and women to further his agenda. He directed judges and kings to govern and prophets to reprove his people. And finally he sent one man to die for the sins of the world. Take these few leaders out of history and you have a radically different history. In God’s economy, one person can make a difference. Little wonder God says, “I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap...” (Ezekiel 22:30)

Spiritual leadership is a blending of natural and spiritual qualities utilized for influencing God’s people to accomplish God’s purposes. Even the natural qualities are not self-produced but God-given and therefore reach their highest effectiveness when employed in the service of God and for His glory. The work of ministry requires that it be accomplished by spiritual people, utilizing spiritual methods to accomplish God’s objectives. If you take any of these out of the mix and you cease to have Christian work.

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To Bring People Into A Loving Relationship With Jesus Christ And His Church, Teaching Them To Be Fully Mature Disciples Who Share The Gospel With All People So That God Is Glorified.

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