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Addictions Victorious Leader
Laura Harker 
Laura Harker

Victorious is a Christian 12 step program to help you get free from the bondages of addictions of any kind.
We meet weekly on Monday evenings at 7:30 pm at The Rock Church.

The Holy Spirit has an agenda for each meeting. To accomplish His will, a typical meeting might be: We read a portion of scripture and a devotional from the Life Recovery Bible illustrating one of the 12 steps. Group members then discuss the scripture and the devotional, share experiences and other scriptures, and offer encouragement to each other. We close with intercessory prayer. Relationships are built that extend beyond the actual meeting times as members call, meet with, and pray for the fellow members of their "support family" during the week.

Testimonies from some that attend Addictions Victorious at The Rock Church:

I am an addict. I am also a child of the Lord since 1985. I have been to NA, AA, Nar-Anon,
and Al-Anon, as I was also a co-dependent to an alcoholic and drug addict, prior to my
recent addiction. As a member of AV, I have found more strength and love and conviction
through this specific group. We address our sobriety, encourage newcomers, and most
of all, we do so in the Name of our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

The AV meetings are always a blessing. Being with Brothers and Sisters who are
in the process of drawing closer to the Lord is the biggest blessing of all.

Attending Monday night's meeting sets me on a good path for the coming week.

Hi. I have been coming to Addictions Victorious for about 5 months now. I'm learning a lot
about the Word of God and how it can be used in my life and my struggles with
addiction. Thanks to God and the group, I've been free from heroin and cocaine for about
six months now. Just this summer I was like homeless on the streets of Camden -
hopeless. Now, God has blessed me with a job, a Fiancee, good family and friends, and I
now have hope in life. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

I have been coming to the Addictions Victorious meetings for approximately 4-5
months... I feel as though the other group members are my second family. I don't know
what I would do without these meetings. Sometimes I just sit in amazement, watching
how the Lord facilitates this group week after week. We give each other a listening ear,
constructive criticism, and prayer that gets us through it all. Every night the Holy Spirit is
here with us...letting us hear what we need to hear, and even if it is always
makes us stronger. I thank the Lord for this group and everyone who attends. And I also
thank the Lord for Laura Harker, who is such a faithful and willing servant of the Lord.

Additional information about the Addictions Victorious Program
can be found at their website


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